For both types of Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS), overhead and/or underslung: the systems consist of a self structure.


The WINSTEEL’s Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS) are the most important and exciting tools for the design and construction of bridges. They are normally made of a steel structure with rather sophisticated equipment and travel forward on the bridge pier head (which is normally cast prior to allowing the MSS to travel on span by span. The steel structures support the entire Formwork Systems which gives shape to the bridge deck.

WINSTEEL’s Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS) are always much lighter than conventional equipment because our design engineer’s focus is always to provide our customer with the most cost-effective system based on the cost-saving advantages for each bridge construction projects, through design optimization, ease of assembly, yet with operational performance for the highest levels of safety.

Our engineers will provide equipment based on less steel & bigger load capacity options, as well as increasing safety, based on a de sign structure which is permanently monitored.

WINSTEEL’s Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS) are available in underslung and overhead solutions for spans from 20m to 70m. Other custom made solutions can be developed to support our customer’s needs.